Welcome to this site on the Top End Writers’ Festival.

Our Festival

Our festival aims to avail writers across the country with a rare opportunity to connect and find respite. Amid people like them, they discover a solid wall of unwavering support. The Top End Festival will pull writers from various places and band them together in the calming region called the Northern Territory. While not necessarily familiar with the next person, each writer knows the pains that the creative bears. This puts him in the best position for empathy and if possible, to point out ways he can get relief.

Overview of 2020 Festival Theme

Our theme for 2020 writers’ festival is the Gunamidirra Garawa birditj which means when the tides turn. It recognises the changes brought with the emergence of Covid-19. Our amiable panellists discuss this alongside how to survive during this period.

Our Activities

The various activities planned out for the festival includes.

Panel Sessions

At NT writers Centre, we support writers in the Northern Territory and across Australia through workshops and panel sessions. One of the major features and highlight of our annual writers’ fest is the Panel Session. We invite great personalities from different walks of life and fields to address issues that are also selected themes for the festival.


One of our goals at the NT Writers Centre is to support all writers in Northern Territory and Australia to improve themselves and their talents. We understand that while creativity and innovation are sometimes believed to be innate, training plays a vital role in bringing them out. Even more, it allows you to be able to explore these skills deeply. This is why we conduct and offer workshops.

Talking and Readings

Another event at the 4-day festival is title talks and readings. It involves discussing a particular issue or subject, and an author usually facilitates it. The author talks to provide an array of opportunities to learn life lessons; usually, the talks are built around self-discovery, personal development, and future projects.

Kids Program

The Northern Territory is certainly not short of immensely talented people. From one end of the region to the other, we have individuals with vast stretches of creative abilities. While the festival aims to bring all these people together, it also does not leave the young ones out. Our Kids Program is an event which centres on inclusivity. We set this segment up with the belief that children can do amazing things with their young minds.


Within our hearts are a lot of tales. They are the stories of things we have done, the places we have gone and the people we have met. Not all of them get to be told. In reality, many are buried deep in our memories and can be hard to remember without a special effort.

However, writing offers everyone a chance to speak to the world to tell of it all. In particular, the Northern Territory Top End Writers Festival offer the people of Australia the chance to hear other people’s tales in a fascinating way.