At a Glance

Overview of Our Festival The Top End Writers’ Festival is a 4-day festival aimed at celebrating literary works and art generally. It provides a networking platform of writers’ readers and the media with a wide array of activities. It used to happen once in two years but transitioned into an annual program. It brings people together to share and discuss ideas and promote art and culture. The Top End Writers’ Festival promises a great and fun-filled experience. This festival that usually takes place at either Darwin or Alice Springs is sure to bring loads of spice and creativity. Our environment is beautifully and attractively designed to give an enthralling effect. This is why this has been a favourable location over the years. The Brown Darwin botanical gardens also provide a great view, and nature contributed to setting an appealing tone. However, this year, our writers would not enjoy access to this environment. This is thanks to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in widespread lockdown across the country. Regardless, it promises to be an enthralling virtual event. We have impressive records of eminent storytellers, writers and philosophers, including Alex Wright, Christos Tsiolkas, Bruce Pascoe, Kim Mahood, and Morris Gleitman. These individuals are sure to contribute to the success of the festival.
We are under the umbrella of our mother organisation – Northern Territory Writers’ Centre, which is recognised internationally for its literary activities across the northern territory. In turn, you can be sure that the Top End Writers’ Festival will deliver on its promise and provide writers with an opportunity to enjoy an enthralling experience. Our theme for 2020 writers’ festival is the Gunamidirra Garawa birditj which means when the tides turn. It recognises the changes brought with the emergence of Covid-19. In turn, we discuss how to engender creativity in these times of uncertainty and discomfort all over the world. Our event will include the talk and reading segment. Here, we bring the thoughts of famous authors to light. This ensures that creatives further understand the realities of writing. We also have a kid segment that caters to the creative needs of kids. We then complement this with our storify. This provides entertainment, therapy, and fun to listeners, audience and fellow creatives. At the festival, writers will share different perspectives in the literature they have chosen to write it.

About Northern Territory Writers’ Centre

We are a non-profit organisation driven by passion, our goals and past achievements. We are committed to improving the current state of the art in the northern territory and treating a friendly environment for writers and readers to interact freely. Our goal is to support all writers in the northern territory and beyond through worships panel session. We also aim to engage all writers in improving their craft and promoting their talents. Our vision is to reach to as many as possible writers’ in Australia generally.