Revealing the Problems of Creativity Top End, a Haven for the Creative As human beings, we have been able to achieve meaningful things is a product of our creativity. Creativity in the twenty-first century is central to moving the society forward. It is the first requirement that must be fulfilled before a complex task. In literature, especially, writers are tasked with the heavy burden of ensuring that their content is diverse and dynamic. But this is not an easy task. While considering the many challenges that creative writers face, it rings a bell of urgency that others should help people reach their full potential. The mental stress involved in drafting exemplary works, the emotional stress endured when these are below par cause a great deal of difficulty to the writer. Much before he is allowed to settle into his newfound world properly, the writer is assaulted by a deluge of demands from people, inadvertently pushing him into threatening positions.

Therefore, the festival aims to avail writers across the country with a rare opportunity to connect and find respite. Amid people like them, they discover a solid wall of unwavering support. The Top End Festival will pull writers from various places and band them together in the calming region called the Northern Territory. While not necessarily familiar with the next person, each writer knows the pains that the creative bears. This puts him in the best position for empathy and if possible, to point out ways he can get relief.

Also, the Top End Festival, which is not a new development, seeks to establish an environment where different talents can share creative genius. The occasion is a fertile ground where different writing instincts make contact and interact. It includes sessions wherein individual writers can interact and express their different thoughts on literature.

The implication of this is a landscape where there exist conflicting, sometimes jarring, but relatable perspectives. The writer encounters new opinions, observes varied creative expressions, draws inspiration from his thoughts and sights and finally, puts forward something that sets the pace for a new orientation.

Furthermore, the Festival will allow creatives to showcase their literary projects. The event intends to entertain an audience and put the skills of the writers at the forefront. Promoting their works to an interested audience is a sure way to push them up the writing ladder.

People can interact with what they have done and subsequently, present reviews. These constructive criticisms from fellow writers and readers alike open the writer’s mind to an option he may not have considered. At this point, if he is an unpublished writer, he knows what audience — a part of it — that he will be meeting. If he is published and well established, he equally acquires insights into people’s feelings on his works.

These are concerns and benefits which form the premise of organising the event.