The last few years have witnessed the growth of writers’ festivals all over the country and the expansion of their objectives and goals. In Australia, there are quite a number of writers’ festivals with the sole aim of promoting their art and addressing issues of broader interests such as politics. It is a global trend that seeks to promote the writers and builds connections between writers, the readers and the media.

It addresses some of the shortcomings of writer that may contribute to the decline in creative writing’s relevance in the contemporary world. It resolves these challenges the new writers face by creating an all-inclusive environment for peer networking and encouraging new arts through motivational speeches. While promoting the readers’ interest in books, writers are given a feel of public figures.

However, writers’ festivals have moved on from being just about the literary world and the writers. It is now engaging other sections of art and entertainment such as comedy, theatrical display, dance, spoken word performances, and contributions to prevailing societal issues. Therefore, it incorporates the interests of the people other than the writers. You don’t have to be an author or a book addict to enjoy a literary festival as they indulge in diverse life areas.

Importance of Writers’ Festivals

Peer Networking

It creates opportunities for you to meet other writers of your genre. It Provides Writers Motivations Young and emerging writers often feel discouraged at the early beginning of their careers. A good prescription to cure this feeling is attending writers’ festivals. They make you feel good by injecting confidence in you and motivate you to work harder.

It Serves a Link Between the Writers and Their Audience

Through writer’s festivals, you feel connected to a large community with a wide range of opportunities to choose from. Your first writing competition could be from pop up notification of a post from one of your new writers’ friends. It Serves As a Form of Experience It is a form of experience. As a young or new writer, it prepares you for the future. The Emergence of the Top End Writers’ Festival This is a dynamic festival founded in 1999 by the NT writers’ centre to explore diverse themes and ideas that directly concern the Australian populace. It is a four-day event designed to help you discover yourself and re-evaluate your achievements. As the name implies, it creates a storm in your mind through brilliant literary performance which is not limited to book readings, art displays, table discussions, panel sessions and launch programs. Over the years, this festival has gained international recognition and prominence among writers’ festival in Australia.

The Relevance of Top End Writers’ Festival

This is one of the few festivals that address cultural barriers and appreciates the diversity of Australians and inhabitants of the northern territory. It connects with the audience on a deeper level and provides enthralling experience in a unique environment either at Darwin or Alice springs.

The Top End Writers’ Festival is relevant to the growth and development of the society because apart from reaping all the fruits of attending a writers’ festival, it resolves prominent issues in a particular society, for instance, an issue surrounding cultural differences.