Kids Program

The Kids Segment The Northern Territory is certainly not short of immensely talented people. From one end of the region to the other, we have individuals with vast stretches of creative abilities. While the festival aims to bring all these people together, it also does not leave the young ones out. Our Kids Program is an event which centres on inclusivity. We set this segment up with the belief that children can do amazing things with their young minds. Therefore, the program intends to showcase the talents of these young minds and set them on the road to doing greater things.

During the Program

One of the major activities in our Kids Program is a display of creativity from young people. In the event, they come forward to present their literary talents. They enact readings and portray characters as though they were live and are the kids themselves. This particular event reveals the exposure of young people to interesting pieces of literature. You should not be surprised if you witness a recital of intense Shakespeare or watch nostalgic scenes from Lord of the Rings. Teenagers will also compete against one another in various competitions. They will showcase their writing skills and treat the audience to some teenage brand of wittiness. One can never really tell the depth of their experience or the height of their imagination with teens. So, prepare to surprise yourself as you see young people surpass limits with their writing’s dynamism. Furthermore, as the kids drive us into literary ecstasy with their amazing performances, we have also set the stage for the public reading of stories created by the kids. Naturally, there is a lot to ponder upon as a kid, and once a tune has been found in writing, it can be quite difficult to let it go. Knowing this, rather than dispose of valuable talent, we intend that our kids fall into deeper love with their skills. We also make provision for them to see the benefits of writing and the world they have to explore. A part of this initiative is to introduce young people’s writing talents by bringing them forward to a gathering where you can equally appreciate them. At the event, they can connect with experienced writers who are capable of putting them through. These people may later go on to serve as mentors and nurture the kids to full capacity.
There will also be a prize-giving ceremony for children who have shown remarkable excellence at what they do. Other children are also gifted with various exciting prizes and encouraged to keep doing what they do to cap it all off. The goal here is to show the children that they have a lot to gain from growing their writing. It is also intended to make them understand that being a great writer is a process which has several stages. There is no shortage of awards for every child who believed in his pen and came forward to write with it. There is an additional networking package wherein the child gets to meet other kids from across the territory. He establishes a connection with people of similar age and similar interests.