Panel Sessions

Discussions for the Panel Sessions At NT writers Centre, we support writers in the Northern Territory and across Australia through workshops and panel sessions. One of the major features and highlight of our annual writers’ fest is the Panel Session. We invite great personalities from different walks of life and fields to address issues that are also selected themes for the festival. We carefully chose our themes in line with writers’ problems across the country and spanned through differences in cultural orientation, transmedia, digital publishing, journalism etc. They are:


This theme examines the various means by which a literary work travels through a medium to another. It’s Not Black and White This theme was essential and touched on a sensitive matter. We invited a past winner of the Miles Franklin Award, Alexis Wright, an indigenous Australian to join the theme conversation with Christos Tsiolkas, an author of a best seller and a host of other Indigenous and non-Anglo migrant writers. The theme delves into the cultural barrier between Australian Aborigines and non-Anglo migrants evident in dialogues. It is important to note that this theme does not concern the first Nation’s people, although the relationship between the first Nation Australia and Asian Culture is rarely investigated. We have carefully selected panellists from across the country and internationally to discuss this topic.

Digital Children

This theme touches on the future relevance of children’s books. It asks questions such as how relevant children books will be in the next 5 to 10 years. Would digital publishing affect the basic literacy skills of a child? Or impacts his developing mind. We invited local writers and digital publishing researcher to explore this subject with a specialist in children’s books.

The Liquid Page

On this theme, our panellists discussed the future of writing given the dynamics of the digital world. News Media Wars With this theme, we thoroughly investigate the interaction between journalism and the literary world, considering the rise of independent publications. Journalism has never been more dynamic than now, and it increasingly creates difficulty for journalists to maintain a freelance career. This session is undertaken by popular writers and journalists. They provide a blend of insight, objectivity, and experience.

Graphics Fantasy

This theme delves into the world of graphic novels. We invited a popular young comic artist with laudable achievements to lead the panel session. We also invited various other individuals who are internationally recognised for their great artistic talents. They investigate deeply into the world of comic art and how the mind of the artist works.

Rock Words

Our outstanding panellists consider the issues surrounding writing music in the contemporary world. This theme is pertinent because often a time, the world always ignore this aspect of writing when without it, there wouldn’t be music. We bring various renowned individuals to address issues arising from rock art and how to carve a niche as a music writer.