Storifying the Festival Within our hearts are a lot of tales. They are the stories of things we have done, the places we have gone and the people we have met. They are also tales of the things that have happened to us. Not all of them get to be told. In reality, many are buried deep in our memories and can be hard to remember without a special effort. However, writing offers everyone a chance to speak to the world to tell of it all. In particular, the Northern Territory Top End Writers Festival offer the people of Australia the chance to hear other people’s tales in a fascinating way. At the festival, writers will share different perspectives in the literature they have chosen to write it. These tales will expose the audience to things never encountered but nevertheless still deeply felt. The stories will mesmerise with their narrations of the earth and the beauty of humankind. In some cases, tears will loom, and in others, you only hear the soulful ripples of laughter. The festival will be an occasion where the unknown is heard, and the audience will leave with mixed feelings that only writers can give.

The Stories as Therapy

This segment’s purpose is not just to put the skills of the writers on display but also to connect with the recesses of people’s hearts. We have planned this to understand that even while many smiles on the streets, there is still a lot that is unknown about their lives. Our stories will touch many areas hoping to reach out to each person in his cocoon. We desire that people know that people can feel them and that someone understands the way they feel. By doing this, we are of the highest hope that we have comforted someone with our creative talents.

The Stories as Entertainment

The Festival is a mix of events and is meant to cater to different needs. Among them is to get laughter on the faces of people. The year 2020 has already brought its share of misfortunes, and we all seek an escape to make us happy. The Top End festival will feature writers who will make their stories an elixir that elicits happiness. There will be fictitious jokes and cheeky illustrations that can only make a person primed to burst out in laughter.

The Stories as Training

The festival does not discriminate in its selection of writers. It is open to everyone, budding, mid-range, and blockbusting authors. The Storify section is intended to be an avenue for further growth amongst our writers. There is, of course, no better way to hone a skill than to put it into practice. Our Storify segment is an opportunity for writers to try to exercise their potentials by writing in different styles and manners. They will push themselves out of their comfort zones and write in dynamic ways. Furthermore, since the event will involve networking, they can also make contact with other writers.