Talking and Readings

The Talking and Reading Session Another event at the 4-day festival is title talks and readings. It involves discussing a particular issue or subject, and an author usually facilitates it. The author talks to provide an array of opportunities to learn life lessons; usually, the talks are built around self-discovery, personal development, and future projects.


You could liken it to attending a music concert with your favourite artiste performing. There is an underlying story behind all books, and usually, these secrets are aired at authors’ talks. These talks are often motivational for new and emerging writers. At the upcoming writers’ festival, we have carefully selected the best authors across Australia to impact our audience. They will provide insight into the driving factors that resulted in those bestsellers that you continue to admire. Whether you are a young or old writer, it is a great opportunity to understanding the workings of writing.

Book Reading

Book Reading is a variant of author’s meet and greet and are often part of any literary festivals. Are you wondering about what book reading event entails? It is what is known as author’s reading, and as the name implies, it simply refers to when an author of a book reads a part of his work communicating the underlying theme of a book while also promoting it. Never been to any author talks or reading before? Make it a date with us next time. You can subscribe to receive our email alerts below. The best experience awaits you. At our festival, you will be sure to experience the very best feeling. We have award-winning authors lined up for the event.

How Authors’ Talks and Readings Started

It is as simple as how movie premieres came into existence. Author talks and readings have been in existence since a long time ago. It is a tool employed by publishers and authors to promote themselves and their talents.

What You Stand to Gain from Our Book Reading Segment

Imagine being in the same floor space, same room, same building with Tim Winton- the author of so many best-selling books which include Cloud Street, Breath, and In the Winter Dark, among others, it’s the same excitement you get when you meet a celebrity.

During an author’s talk and readings, you have the heavenly opportunity to meet prolific and high-profile writers who are the literary world’s movers and shakers. Apart from that, it helps you gain connections which might come handy one day. It is an exciting experience that forms part of your good memories.

Finally, it helps create a deep connection between the readers and the audience. The author can easily get feedback on his work from these programs.

Objectives of Authors’ Talks and Readings

  • To build a relationship between the writer and his readers.
  • To promote authors and artistes as public figures.
  • To create a relaxing environment for readers and book enthusiasts while creating memories with their best wishes
  • For the promotion of books and the purpose of a book fair.