Creative Training and Workshops One of our goals at the NT Writers Centre is to support all writers in Northern Territory and Australia to improve themselves and their talents. We understand that while creativity and innovation are sometimes believed to be innate, training plays a vital role in bringing them out. Even more, it allows you to be able to explore these skills deeply. This is why we conduct and offer workshops.

Our workshops consist of lectures and training in particular areas of writing. The goal of the workshop is to equip you with various relevant skills that will enable you to write better. This is not just another workshop. Instead, it is a specialised training conducted by renowned authors and creatives.

We trust that at the end of our workshops, you would have been able to learn a lot. It is an information-packed experience that is definitely worth experiencing. A session in any of our workshops will convince you of the benefits that you stand to gain. Regardless, if you participate in any of our workshops, we can be proud to say that:

  • It would have impacted you greatly.
  • It would inspire you to try new things or complete your unfinished manuscripts.
  • You can form a connection with like-minded people
  • You can form connections with other people whom you share interests with.
At the Top End Writers’ Festival, our workshops would be available once more. Although virtually, it would remain information-packed as ever. It will allow you to enjoy access to information that boost your capacity to conjure and write impressive things regardless of your chosen genre.

Why You Should Attend Our Workshops

We offer the best programs taught by great and excellent facilitators who have over the years recorded laudable achievements in the literary world. Apart from this, our training has great impacts you in the following ways:

  • It helps you to assess and evaluate your craft
  • It helps you gain more understanding of certain things
  • Creates opportunities for networking
  • Gifts you a new knowledge
  • Encourages and motivates you to work better
  • Lessens the tension that comes with learning in a formal environment
  • Connects you with people whom you may share some goals with.

Our workshops are intense and span throughout the year. For instance, in 2014, there are 11 workshops organised for the writers’ festivals only. However, while it is intense, you will be sure to reap the benefit of such training. This is because in little or no time, you will see its impact in your writing. There is no doubt that the goal is to improve your writing. If that is the case, then our workshop at Top End Writers’ Festival is a great place to start.